Saturday, March 15, 2014

Introducing Lorran Yul Lewis Jr!!!

It's official! Baby Lewis will be here July 24th! 

We just wanted to share a bit of our journey with all of you!

We found out we were expecting on November 19th. That weekend we were headed to Oklahoma to visit Sarah and Jordan. At the time I was only allowed to tell three people. I was so excited I could hardly wait until we arrived. We had a great time celebrating with them and went to the aquarium. There we battled back and forth over what to get the baby. My sea turtle lost, but so did Ray's great white shark. We settled on this little fella!

From there it was a matter of when and how we would tell our families. My dad came to visit the week before thanksgiving. Rather than waiting until Christmas like we planned, we decided to surprise him at the airport! We had a big sign that said "Grandpa Hausmann" with lots of pink and blue ribbons. It took him a little bit to figure out why the sign said grandpa, but he was so excited when he finally got it!!! (Sadly my camera at the time messed up, and we lost the pictures from the airport...)

Next we told my mom! She came the week of Thanksgiving. Because Ray wasn't going to be able to go to Illinois for Christmas. We celebrated that week. My mom started the gift giving the night she got here. She got us an incredible camera! No more lost photos!!! We then gave her an angel ornament that said Grandma. My mom is a pretty intuitive lady. We found out that the reason she got us the camera was for the baby she suspected we were having. Apparently my bedtimes of 4:30 pm set off her grandbaby alarm.

After that we began telling friends and church members around Wichita. We were bursting to tell people, but still wanted to be able to tell our closest loved ones in person over Christmas break.

I headed home for the entire week with a ton of Christmas cards in tow!

We thought the card was a clever way for people to find out we were expecting without us actually having to say it. ...Instead it left me awkwardly asking people which photo they liked best and why. Eventually they finally understood the baby outfit. It was such a joy to tell everyone in person. I only wish Ray could have been there too. 

Our first sonogram was the end of January. I couldn't wait to actually see him or her. The song "I have loved you for 1000 years" was on the radio during our first glimpse. We both cried... it was an incredible feeling... 
Here he is waving!

They were hoping to see if we could tell the gender early. Sure enough, we found out that it was a boy!!!

Since then we have had a fairly easy pregnancy. We had our second sonogram March 11th and confirmed it is, in fact, a boy. Ray has been on cloud 9 the entire time. We are so blessed by this child, and we cannot wait to meet him in July and our family and friends to meet him this fall. It is hard to believe that he will be here in less than 19 weeks! Until then, we will be anxiously awaiting his arrival!!!

Live, laugh, one more to love, 
-Stephanie Lynn