Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beginning blogging

Well, my first official attempt at blogging has began! I am in no way a pro at this, and in fact always found the idea of blogging to be rather pointless. Sure, i made my sad attempts at a myspace blog when i was a youngster, but i found no actual reason to just post my thoughts onto the internet.

This idea of recording life has slowly made its way into my brain. Through listening to Jenny talk about the blogs she reads, following along Ally's and now Keri's adventures, and from watching Julie to Julia, this hipster-esque idea of blogging has finally reached it's boiling point. Thus beginith the birth of my blog, "21 and counting..."

Now, yes, i do admit that i decided to try 21 new things after i filled with jealousy as i watched Miss Ally set goals and reach them. For those of you who don't know Ally, i do pray that eventually you have the opportunity to come into contact with her. She is the emblem of living life to the fullest. With an open and courageous heart, this girl truly knows what it means to live.

After turning 21 and reading the Hip Girl's Guide to Homemaking (a splendid gift from Caitlyn), i decided i would take steps at conquering my fear of living. Looking back over how i have done thus far, i would say that is what keeps me from trying most things. Fear. Whether that's fear of looking like a lame-brain, fear of failure, or fear of breaking the status quo of "You (being me) can't/shouldn't do that," i have always held back from living.

Well I'm 21 now. It's time to start. Who says God will keep me around until I'm old as dirt. Nothing in this world is certain, especially life. So here it goes. Ready or not. I am going to squeeze living life into my planner. It's time for me to ditch my living by having every second booked with old routines way of life. I am going to try new things. Be the person i've always wanted to be, but never even made an attempt at aspiring to be. With wonderful beautiful role-models, i like to call my friends, beside me to serve as my inspiration, here we go.

Smile often.
Love always.

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