Saturday, June 4, 2011

The List

Don't worry, i won't be making this a daily journal of monotonous life blog. I just thought i should actually post my list of the 21 things I want to do/try on the pertinent blog.
...maybe i should add not being a dunce to that list as well...

Numero Uno: Go paddle boating
2. Swim in a lake, something much larger than Cricket and Levi's Uncle Larry's pond
3. Donate to a charity regularly
4. Learn sign-language
5. Run a lap around campus (Note: My running speed will be much, much slower than what track stars such as Sarah David consider running)
6. Play/Sing in  a recital hosted by my sorority, Sigma Alpha Iota
7. Host a dinner party
8. Get a tattoo
9. Travel someplace I have never been
10. Go go-karting
11. Go paitballing
12. Treat myself to a spa day
13. Watch 21 man movies (with guidance from fellas such as Mr. John Goode)
14. Be at the healthy weight for my height by the time I turn 22
15. Go to the casino (Elvis slots, baby!)
16. Paint a picture
17. Be a vegetarian for a month
18. Read 10 classic novels
19. Have better posture (not exactly a check-off-the-list kind of thing, more gradually observable...)
20. Make a scrapbook
21. Try something new. While that includes most of the aforementioned items, I want to leave this one open-ended. Figured i'd let the story write itself on this one :)

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