Saturday, July 23, 2011

One thing at a time...

I am not quite sure if anyone even reads this mundane description of my twenty-first year, or if I am blogging just to hopefully spur myself onto actually living life. Either way, I suppose the latter is more than enough reason to write. If it takes me actually writing down, or in this case typing, goals for me to accomplish and recording my path to meeting those goals, then what does it matter? The purpose of goals is to meet them right? So therefore the means to this particular end does not really matter. ...Now that I have completely justified to myself that this blog is not a waste of time, I'll actually get to the purpose of this entry.

I have completed two goals! Well, one is still in the process, but I can officially mark off number two: "Swim in a lake, something much larger than Cricket and Levi's Uncle Larry's pond."  Due to the decision to forego The Sound of Music, Miss Caitlyn Gallip and I decided to work on my list after I got off work at 710. We drove to her aunt's dock at Lake of Egypt and went swimming! Although it isn't Lake Michigan or even Kentucky Lake, it was much, much larger than Uncle Larry's pond. I am not sure exactly what I was expecting when I swam in a lake, but it was awkwardly warm with cool currents every now and then. The fact that I couldn't see anywhere around me was intimidating in itself, but I have to say that the most intense part was the realization that I, in fact, do not know how to swim. So note to all of my blog readers, provided that you do actually exist, just because you can "swim" in a 5 foot pool, does not mean that you can SWIM in a lake. Start to sink a little in a pool? Put your foot down. Start to sink in a pond? Kick like mad and flail your arms, praying that you can just keep your head above water. Praise Jesus for Caitlyn who was very supportive through the entire freak-out moment when I thought I was going to sink. Apparently your body will simply float if you stop the spasms and lay on your back. Good to know. Anyway! That is accomplished goal number one. Here are a few pictures: (*Please disregard the awful pale and rather voluptuous appendages known as my legs. Never said I was a model!)
 This is my attempt at "swimming" as Caitlyn conveniently stood on the dock. Staying still enough for a picture was impossible. I am just happy my face didn't have a look of terror. 
The second time I jumped into the lake. Caitlyn jumped in with me on the first time, after several counts to three. I am assuming most people hold their noses and I am not just some lame-o. (At least that is what I am hoping...)

Ok! Lake goal completed! I am still working on the rest. I am preparing myself for the man-movie extravaganza. Rocky and Rambo are on standby. I am just building anticipation at this point :)

Until next time, smile often,
-stephanie lynn

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