Friday, January 6, 2012

Update on "The List"

One always has the best intentions… I must admit that I have since failed at reaching my 21 goals. It was as though the second my fall semester began, my life ended. I became swamped with school and work that these seemingly easy goals became almost instantaneously unattainable.  However, I do not want to discredit the adventures I have had, so here are the goals that I have reached…

Numero Uno: Go paddle boating
2. Swim in a lake, something much larger than Cricket and Levi's Uncle Larry's pond
3. Donate to a charity regularly
4. Learn sign-language
5. Run a lap around campus (Note: My running speed will be much, much slower than what track stars such as Sarah David consider running)
6. Play/Sing in a recital hosted by my sorority, Sigma Alpha Iota
7. Host a dinner party
8. Get a tattoo
9. Travel someplace I have never been
10. Go go-karting
11. Go paitballing
12. Treat myself to a spa day
13. Watch 21 man movies (with guidance from fellas such as Mr. John Goode)
14. Be at the healthy weight for my height by the time I turn 22
15. Go to the casino (Elvis slots, baby!)
16. Paint a picture
17. Be a vegetarian for a month
18. Read 10 classic novels
19. Have better posture (not exactly a check-off-the-list kind of thing, more gradually observable...)
20. Make a scrapbook
21. Try something new. While that includes most of the aforementioned items, I want to leave this one open-ended.

The ones that I have met though are:
#3 Donate to a charity regularly: (sort of) I began the summer strong by donating monthly to Tim and Elizabeth Harrison in Kenya, but this semester was met with some tough times financially and quite an adjustment for me. I am much more money conscious now, however, and am planning on starting again this month. To be honest, writing the check to them made my bill-paying day enjoyable.

Card from Tim and Elizabeth 
#10 Go go-karting: I have to admit that this day was one of the best I have ever had. During one trip up north, I convinced my Uncle Pete to take me go-karting. When I was younger, he lived in Arizona, and it hasn’t been until the past few years that we have gotten really close. So we woke up early, got some breakfast, and hit the track at Haunted Trails in Joliet. Through my adventure (and multiple laps around their tiny track) I was reassured that I was meant to be a racecar driver. Someday oh someday, a girl can only dream…

About to dominate. 

Uncle Pete, preparing to lose!
#16 Paint a picture: This one kinda-sorta happened. I made a picture out of paint on a canvas with the help of none other than AP and AO. (God love Pinterest for Christmas ideas!) And I also did modpodge on canvases for my mom and Ray, but I have yet to complete a full on painting done entirely by me and solely from paint. I’ll give myself partial credit on this one though…

AP and I having some painting fun!

Half finished product. I later added AO's
handprints as red ornaments.

Lorran holding the picture I made for him
Picture on canvas for my Mama
As for the rest of my goals? I am still piddlying around on a few. The man movie list is still being chipped away at, my dinner party is something I began to take a step towards, as is the eating healthier (including vegetarianism…) I now have paints, and should perhaps consider actually using them to paint something more than just the modpodge.

The year is new though, and I still have about 5 months left. Let’s see if this spring semester permits me any more time : ) 

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