Monday, January 7, 2013


One of my besties recently bought me a tasty bottle of Blue Sky Rocky Comfort Red. It's by far one of my favorite wines, and I have been saving it since before Christmas. So after a long day of being a woman, she and I decided to have a well-earned glass.

My hubs left my good corkscrew at someone's house a while ago, and all I have is a few crappy ones.

And that is where our adventure begins.

After struggling for a bit, the corkscrew snapped right off.

So we attempted to get the other corkscrew in and give it another go... 
That didn't work so well for us either. 

Two corkscrews laid down their lives... which left us asking, "What next?"
What do you think? Pliers!

We tugged, yanked, bent, and twisted until finally....

The cork snapped in half.

That didn't stop us though... We got out the knives and got to digging. 

And, after much effort, we had a breakthrough! ...Literally

And as you know, there is nothing worse than having cork chunks in your wine.... 
So we got out the strainer! 

A glass well deserved! 


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