Saturday, January 26, 2013

Five Months.

My husband is incredible. And I am certain that I do not let him know this enough. 

He is my constant support, my lifeline, my lover, and my true best friend. 

He is there every day, all day. ...Well unless he's busy doing something else. 

He listens to everything I talk about, even though I sure he would rather zone out.

He wipes away my tears. Holds me when I am upset. And kisses me when I need it the most.

He plans for our future and makes the best decisions he can now in order to have a stronger family in the future. 

He talks about our future kids. Our home. And our retirement.

He helps me to find the silver lining when life is full of gray clouds. 

He fills even our most difficult times with strength. 

He makes me laugh until it hurts. 

He keeps our marriage full of joy. 

He strives to let me know I am his one and only. 

His love for me is genuine and pure. 

And he makes me feel like i am the object of his school boy crush.

My heart flutters, my knees go weak, and my breath is taken away constantly by him. 

I have truly found the one whom my soul loves. 

I love you more than the sun, and the moon, and the stars in the sky, Lorran. 

You may love me more, but I will always love you most. 

Happy 5 month wedding anniversary, baby. 

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